Reaching out!

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I had the opportunity last night to present my book Yoga and Me, Come be a Tree at the public library in Plymouth NH.  My wonderful illustrator (Kirsten Carruth) and I talked about our collaboration. She displayed all of the original artwork last evening for participants to view.  I read the book aloud to the small but intimate group and we answered questions.  I must admit when I agreed to do this, I was surprised that it wasn’t a “gig” for parents and children. My readings before have been strictly experiential with little and big bodies in yoga poses, with kids shouting, moving and dancing around!  This was very different, (quiet folks that were actually paying attention)  and I really enjoyed it! Many of those that attended approached me after the reading, sharing their experiences with others that are physically challenged. I felt extremely happy that the book resonated with many and that they would share it with others. I never thought of this way of sharing… but now I’m convinced it was a great approach to reach out and connect with others.