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It must be hard for kids to come back to school after vacation…cause it certainly is hard for me. Part of what my responsibilities are for our students are morning warm ups. I’ve had such fun creating stations for students to participate in to alert and organize them. Every morning before classes start, all students (grades 1-4) participate for 10 minutes in three separate stations. Teachers run the stations 5 days a week even though I’m only there 2 days. Some students today seemed tired, out of sorts and distracted. My station was called “musical steps” which was like a version of musical chairs. As the music played, they jumped from one plastic disk to another. When the music stopped, they had to be on a disc or spell a no excuse word. I enjoyed watching their bodies wake up, initially just moving and finally animated dancing, scurrying and improvisation. As the tempo increased and the steps decreased, the alertness and motor movements had noticeably changed for the best! Granted, this is a strategy we use to start the mornings off on a good note. It works for some most mornings, for others not so much. Today it was familiar, fun and hopefully helped them get back into the swing of classes after vacation. It certainly worked for me!

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MaryMay 1, 2012 at 2:02 pmReply

Amazingly, all but one of my students did well coming back from a vacation week. I think careful planning for the transition back is important for all of us. It sounds like your plan worked well, Congratulations!!!