Drive Thru Menus: Attention and Strength

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The Drive Thru Menu Attention and Strength Exercises provide teachers and parents with a flexible program for students, organizing sensory input and upper body strength building. Selecting and participating in the exercises prior to academic tasks allow children to perform successfully. As students become familiar with the exercises, they discover what works for them and then choose the exercises that help them maintain alertness and motor skills.

The Drive Thru Menu Exercises  Program is for use with students in any elementary school classroom or in the home and can be introduced by a teacher, a parent or a therapist. They appeal to children because they are easy to learn, easy to do and best of all: they are fun! Each exercise is designed to help children get the sensory input or muscular work they need to accomplish their daily tasks in the classroom.

The Attention Menu exercises help students who have a hard time paying attention, settling down, waiting in line, or staying focused while working independently.

The Strength Menu exercises help students who have poor pencil grip, illegible handwriting, difficulty opening packages, using tools such as scissors, paper clips, staplers, etc.

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Posters featuring a menu of 10 exercises.

Wall Poster for Attention and Strength Exercises: Each poster is 19-1/2″ x 27″ and is illustrated with a menu of 10 exercises. The posters are on heavy paper and can easily be laminated for heavier usage.

Laminated Sheets for Attention and Strength Exercises:. These 8-1/2″ x 11″ laminated sheets are a smaller representation of the posters. On the opposite side are easy to follow short directions for each exercise. Great for home AND for the therapist needing to carry them from school to school. Packaged in a zip lock bag with a sticky back hook and 2 magnets that can be attached to the sheet and then placed on a magnetic surface.

The pictures from the Attention and Strength Menus in a convenient card size! Each of the pictures from both the Attention and Strength Menus are on a card size varnished heavy paper stock and neatly stored in a plastic reuseable card box. Fits perfectly into a backpack or a therapy bag! One side has the picture and the other side has brief instructions on how to do the exercise.

Complete kits featuring
Posters, Manual & DVD

  • Small Kit: Contains one Attention Wall Poster and one Strength Wall Poster, as well as a Leader’s Manual.Each 19-1/2″ x 27″ poster displays a menu of 10 exercises. The Leader’s Manual provides all the information needed to conduct the program. It is divided, like the posters into 2 main sections. Each section lists the 10 exercises from the poster, explains its purpose, how to prepare for the exercise, how to do the exercise and possible ways to vary and adapt the exercises.
  • Large Kit: Contains one each of the Attention and Strength Wall Poster, the Leader’s Manual, and also includes a DVD for the Attention and Strength Exercises.On this 51-minute DVD you will see and hear the author, Tere Bowen-Irish, give an overview of the Drive Thru Menu program. Listen to her specific explanations and rational for each poster and exercises as she conducts a live, interactive session of all 20 exercises with elementary-aged children.
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