The Plan Book for School Specialists

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The Plan Book for School Specialists accommodates the needs of the specialist who meets with small groups or individual students at different times for different periods at different places. This book is well suited for occupational therapists, reading specialists, counselors, physical therapists, speech and language specialists and tutors.

The Plan Book For School Specialists features:

  • Site Log for specialists who have students in multiple locations
  • Student Log with an at-a-glance view of students’ essential information
  • Flexible Open Calendar that allows specialists to change day, time, duration, etc. of appointments
  • 180 pages – enough Space for 41 weeks with 12 appointments per day
  • Extra large blocks for plans and notes
  • Pertinent Resources
  • Three Year Reference Calendar
  • Useful Websites
  • Day-at-a-Glance template
  • Week-at-a-Glance Schedule
  • Reproducible schedules conveniently sized for 8.5×11” paper
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