The Drive Thru Menus Exercise Programs were developed by the author and speaker, Tere Bowen-Irish OTR/L. Tere is an occupational therapist, with over 27 years of experience in pediatrics and mental health. These programs are intended to provide engaging and meaningful exercises in situations where time is limited, in much the same way that drive thru restaurants provide food for people in a hurry. Each category of exercise consists of 10 exercises, all easy to follow, and simple to perform. The DVD & Manual explain the purpose of the exercise, how to prepare, and how to do the exercise with possible variations.


“An excellent resource of motor exercises for therapists, educators, parents and healthcare professionals that can be used with all ages. Each fun to do and easy to implement exercise builds motor development, strength , and improves attention and alertness levels. A valuable learning tool and investment for all.”

– Cindy: MOT OTR/L SIPT (Occupational Therapist for 15 years)

“These exercises assist my students, work off extra energy, build up strength and teaches them to follow oral directions. I use them on a daily basis”

– Penay: Educator, 23 years

“Charts are wonderful motivators for self reflection. “Am I alert? do I need a little wake-up (stimulation)? How can I rest my fingers? I’ve been writing a long time. They also provide teachers with a quick & handy repertoire of movement experiences to perk up a class instantly. No lengthy lessons plans are needed – they include a pictorial instructions.

– Gail: Multi Age 1 & 2, Grade 1-2 Educator