Presentations and Seminars

(Through and Occupational Therapist’s eyes)

Tere-speakerWith the philosophy of “prevention and wellness for all” Tere’s seminars are appropriate for regular educators, special educators, therapists, social workers, psychologists and parents.

An Occupational Therapist’s perspective often can provide a new look at environments, school tasks and individual learning styles. The unique parts of Tere’s services include opportunities for her to visit your school or classroom so that intervention is specific to your needs and your facility.


By modeling ideas, intervention strategies and exercises, teacher’s and therapist’s gain a new skill set to use right away. Seminars can be arranged for a couple hours to a couple of days.

Tere will work closely with you so that your group will maximize the benefit of the presentation you plan. Fees are based on number of participants and hours needed for your seminar. Call 603-964-4833 for rates today.

Age Appropriate Seminars & Presentations

Elementary School (1st thru 4th grade)
Middle School (5th through 8th grade) and High School (9th-12th grade)

Other possible seminars.

Remember Tere will individualize the topic for your school so all in-service training is applicable and relevant to your employees.

  • Diagnosis:  Asperger’s, an Occupational Therapist’s Vision of Integration
  • What is your Attitude towards ADHD or ADD?
  • Jump Start for promoting literacy, through an Occupational Therapist Eyes 
  • Improved Comprehension Inspired by Interactive Books
  • Empowering Clients to Use Relaxation, Stress Reduction, Movement and Yoga Techniques to Enhance Performance
  • Do You See What I See? Visual Perception for Reading and More…
  • The Challenging Child through an Occupational Therapist’s Eyes, (At School, Home and the Community)
  • Juggling the Job of a Therapist in School Based Therapy
  • Promoting Cooperation in School during Play and Academic Work
  • Nimble Fingers, Strong Hands, Ideas for Fine Motor Development

And so much more!

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